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What Should I Expect During a Massage Session?

What should I expect during a session? If this is the first time you’ve contemplated a massage or if you received a gift certificate, you may have questions on what to expect. I hope the following clears up any “mystery” or nervousness about the session! What’s the difference between massage and bodywork anyway? The terms …

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Earthing – Not Just For Summer!

What can Earthing do for you? Look better Feel better Sleep better Earthing connects us back to the earth’s natural energy. Check out When we use earthing products, our bodies are re-connected to the earth’s natural energy. This in turn can re-energize, re-balance, and re-new our beings. I began with the Earthing Starter Kit …

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The Virtues of Epsom Salts

The Virtues of Epsom Salts With the change of seasons, it is the time of year for shifting gears into colder weather and holiday mode. A wonderful treat to help your body and mind adjust to winter and all the demands placed upon you is a good old-fashioned Epsom salt soak. Your grandmother was right – …

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