Earthing – Not Just For Summer!

What can Earthing do for you?

Walking Barefoot

Absorbing the earth’s energy

  • Look better
  • Feel better
  • Sleep better

Earthing connects us back to the earth’s natural energy. Check out

When we use earthing products, our bodies are re-connected to the earth’s natural energy. This in turn can re-energize, re-balance, and re-new our beings. I began with the Earthing Starter Kit

In our locality, this winter has turned into an endurance race. The ice storm experienced by West River (South Dakota, USA) in October 2013 began the season, and there’s been nary a warm day, or even average day since then. Weather predictions continue with below average temps and wind chills for much of March as well. Needless to say, this is not conducive for sitting outside in the sunshine, with bare feet. Even the Polar Plunges are quickly completed and the participants re-covered and protected from the severe cold!

I’ve been able to thoroughly appreciate my earthing bedding and mat during this long indoor season. These are improving my meditation time and quality of sleep. Sleeping in the earthing bedding may be reducing inflammation in joints (hubby’s testimony), and helping us cope with the stressors of compromised indoor air quality and seasonal affective disorder.

If you don’t feel well, for whatever reason, just make barefoot  contact with the Earth for a few minutes and see what happens. Of  course, if you have a medical problem, you should see a doctor. There is nothing that comes close to Earthing for quick relief. You can  literally feel pain draining from your body the instant you touch the  Earth

If you have questions or wish to discuss, please call – I’d love to discuss the benefits for YOUR well-being!

photo credit: Lone Primate via photopin cc</a

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