The Power of Connection

Being Present
Best Present is Being Present

Ah, the Power of Connection 

Oft times, even the mention of “connection” sounds “fluffy” and easy to dismiss. Yes, we all need connection, it’s just out of sight, off the radar most of the time.As we launch into the holiday season, it will be to our benefit to get our feet firmly planted, breathe calmly, and focus clearly. If we do not prepare ourselves beforehand, we just may get swept away with the stress, the frenzy and the hype.

Before leaving home, plan out your game plan. Keep reminding yourself what all this activity really means to you and your loved ones.

Consider: maybe the best present is to be present, to be in the moment, enjoying the time, laughter, and joy of relationship.

Maybe the best present is to be present

If that sounds too “It’s a Wonderful Life”, then bring it down a notch, into something more plausible, more relevant to your life.

Maybe it’s just limiting the gifts, and expanding the time and interactions. Maybe it’s having a quiet evening of soup and conversation, then going out together to view Christmas lighting in the area. Maybe it’s softening the lighting, listening to holiday music or watching your favorite holiday flick.

In the bigger picture, it’s the memories, the laughter, the connectedness that is remembered.

“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.”  ~ Abraham Maslow

May the weeks ahead bring you joy, laughter, centeredness, connectedness. May you enjoy the present of presence!

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Dog Days of Summer…


Massage with aromatherapy

Bummed you didn’t plan a vacation this summer? Can’t take the time to work in even a weekend getaway?

Consider these reasons why scheduling a massage, reflexology, or healing touch session is one step closer, and may even be better than taking a vacation

(… then schedule your session!).

  • No sunburn, tan lines, or skin damage.
  • You’ll smell like heavenly essential oils afterward, instead of like salty sea water, pool chlorine, or stuffy airplane air.
  • It only takes an hour of your time & a short commute to get there. No long flights or layovers involved.
  • A session (or even several!) won’t break the bank.
  • You can squeeze a session in during your lunch break or after work hours. No requesting time off from work. (Okay, this could be a con as well as a pro…)
  • Your shoulders and back will feel nice and loose versus how they will feel after hauling luggage through an airport.
  • No stress of planning what to do on your vacation. Just lie back, close your eyes, and relax.
  • No delays or missed connections.
  • No confusing customs or overlooked details.
  • No hangovers.
  • No layovers.
  • No groping from airport security.
  • You won’t come back feeling like you “need a vacation from your vacation”.

Is it time for “you” time?

Call 605.254.3665 today to schedule your massage, reflexology, or healing touch session!

Summer Vacation and Its Residual Effect

Summer Vacation and Its Residual Effect

It’s that wonderful time of the year we anticipate all year long: vacations and stay-cations – we fill our days with numerous activities, knowing that our summer may seem brief, compared to our South Dakota winters. You may have heard a colleague say after their vacation: “I need to get back to work, just to get some rest”. Under their breath they might even be saying “I need a break from the family, from the rush of vacation”.

A session can allow the weary vacationer the time you need to “get your bearings” to get back to routine.

So, even if we anticipate, longingly welcome time away, and do come back with a fresh perspective, oft times back to reality needs its own adjustment time. A massage or healing touch session can allow the weary vacationer the time they need to “get their bearings” to get back to routine.

Keep my number handy (605.254.3665)… call when you are ready to schedule some renewal time for YOU!

~ to your well-being ~


Quantum Touch Sessions Now Available!

Hello Dear Friend!

I am pleased to announce I now offer Quantum Touch Sessions!

Quantum Touch works with your energy to facilitate healing. I am not a healer, but rather, a healing facilitator. The body has the ability to heal itself, although sometimes we get stuck and need someone or something to facilitate the healing process. I love being able to assist a person to heal and release stresses, anxieties, traumas and pain that they might have been holding onto for years. I am able to achieve this through using Quantum Touch.

The body has the ability to heal itself

To be able to witness and take part in a client’s healing and transformation is truly a blessing and an incredible gift. I am grateful for my calling as a conduit for God’s healing touch. My empathy and compassion toward others is my gift forward.

Over the years my journey has led me to a deep appreciation of the power of Body, Mind & Spirit integration. Due to its power and simplicity Quantum-Touch instantly became my tool of choice.  As a life-long student, I continue my studies in energy healing and look forward to sharing this awesome “tool” with you!

Contact me today if you want to learn more or to schedule your session!

~ to your well-being ~

Sue Jacobs, Quantum Touch Practitioner

Moving Into Summer Livin’

Hello and welcome to summer!

It’s that time of year when kids are out of school and getting into their summer groove. In addition to planning their free time and activities, planning your summer activities, and keeping up with the usual demands, it may be a good time to build some time into your schedule for you!

Pencil in your planner:
Schedule an hour of personal renewal “me” time!

I’ve been on a journey toward certification as a Quantum Touch practitioner. Quantum-Touch is a method of energy healing (natural healing) that uses life-force energy to facilitate healing. I’ve been involved with healing touch and “laying on of hands”, so this work is a natural progression in coming along others.

I cannot “heal” you, I can only serve as a conduit and work with your energy to help you as you move toward homeostasis/ balance. That may sound out of the ordinary, but it is very natural, non-invasive, relaxing, and healing!

I’m excited to be able to offer this, along with massage, reflexology, and healing touch. I would love to answer any questions you may have!

Contact me to reserve a time to give you a respite from the daily routine – a little “me” time to re-energize and renew your body, mind, and spirit.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Vivo bene!

Hello world!

Welcome to Vivo Bene!

Vivo Bene! means Live Well – and that is my wish for you.

I’ve hesitated beginning a blog, as I am well aware that there is “nothing new under the sun”, but although I do not have new revelation or stunning delivery, I want to share from my heart.

I have a passion for holistic care and well-being. This is such a multi-faceted passion and moves in many directions. Different thoughts capture my heart, depending on the day, yet they all come together synergistically to compile who we each are as that unique individual, whole being – incorporating the body, mind, and soul.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to comment, challenge, question, discuss, or just for simple connection!

I look forward to our future dialog!

~ to your well-being ~


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