Illusion of Connectedness

A couple weeks ago, our area had a massive ice storm. As the rain and sleet were falling, the ice kept building up. As the day progressed, the weighted down trees groaned under the stress. The sound of massive limbs snapping off our beautiful trees randomly echoed throughout the neighborhoods.

The trees look spindly now, off kilter, with the fullness of the tree limbs missing.  The clean up efforts have continued, with large piles of jagged big branches and stumps in the boulevards.Not realized unconnected from source

The amazing thing to me as I walk through the neighborhoods, is the limbs removed have actually started budding, ready to green out. The communication hasn’t been fully received yet at the budding ends, that the source is gone.

This made me reflect on my journey. Am I on auto-pilot through the day? Am I focused on only what’s in front of me? Am I self-absorbed, reacting to the moment by moment tasks?
I then realize without remaining connected to Source,  before long, my efforts are futile.

To move with intention, to live with purpose, I cannot do life alone. I need to ground, I need to return to Source.

What does grounding mean to you? Who is your source? Connection with community and with something, someone bigger than yourself is so important!

Consider an energy session / quantum touch session to increase your awareness of the present.
I look forward to working with you!

All Iced Over

Inch thick ice coating on everything!

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