Is It Time for Your Spring Cleanse?

Dry brushing for exfoliation and great skin!

Dry brushing for exfoliation and great skin!

Spring has sprung! Soon the white backdrop of snow will completely disappear and be replaced with the beauty of fresh tufts of green grass, trees budding, and bright spring flowers.

What does spring cleaning mean to you? Opening windows to air out the house? Mopping floors, shampooing carpets and washing windows? Packing away winter clothes?  Our homes feel lighter, brighter and cleaner after the process.

How about considering a similar cleansing and rejuvenation for your body? Now is a wonderful time to release what is no longer needed and clean out winter’s sludge. Often restful and revitalizing, cleansing and detoxing also help us create healthier lifestyle habits.

With the season change, it’s a wonderful time for your spring cleanse.

Review your wardrobe. Did any items in your wardrobe “shrink” since last season? What items can be released (shared, paid forward, or discarded)?

Review your food plan. Are you feeling sluggish? Is it time to recharge your body with quality fuel (healthy live foods)? The palate of seasonal foods is fresh and colorful once again.

Rethink your temple upkeep. A spring cleanse will release the waste and buildup from winter eating habits along with preparing the body, mind, and spirit for the fresh, new beginnings of the season.

Three Things to Consider for Your Spring Cleanse

Massage: a full body massage can help move the toxins out of the body, lengthen and relax muscles, release the knots and tense areas. A full 75 minute session dedicated to your well-being can bring the cortisol levels down, relax tense muscles, renew spent energy, and re-calibrate your inner balance.

Dry Brushing: This session utilizes a dry, natural bristle brush to stroke your skin, following the lymph drainage system. This moves toxins and waste out of your body and has the added benefit of exfoliating your skin, brushing away the dry, flaky skin, so the fresh, radiant skin can glow with the fresh air and sunshine.

Sauna: after your massage or dry brush session, enjoy a private session in the dry, infrared sauna. As the heat rises, your body’s temp mechanism is activated to maintain its balance. As a result, toxins are released, fresh nutrients are brought to the body’s surface, and the vasodilation relaxes the vessels, which can lower pain. The quiet, relaxing time in the sauna is a respite from the busyness of your day. As the infrared heat does its work, your body and mind can relax, focus inward, enjoy a time of quiet reflection.

Spring Cleanse Package Specials!

Select two of the three options of *Massage*, *Dry Brushing*, or *Infrared Dry Sauna* for your Spring Cleanse Value Package! $100

Call 605.254.3665 today to reserve your session – or pamper your loved one!
You Are SO Worth It!

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