In Gratitude and Appreciation

Soul BirdBeing a member of this “human race” is such a privilege! Even though we all share this space, we each have different outlooks, filters, and gifts. I feel so grateful that I can wake up, get up, and work with clients who need help with pain issues, stress, or just recognize their need for personal time.

In dialog with clients and colleagues alike, I continue to be amazed at what drives each of us, what makes us tick. I am so grateful for the set of gifts and talents I recognize in you and am able to connect with. And as time progresses, I see the skillset and passions develop into more powerful attributes as contributions are made in the day by day landscape. Colleagues with savvy presentation and design skills, artists who know how to capture the moment in photography or paint or word or music, orchestrators who can take group input and bring a project together in a multilayer, cohesive frame of reference.

I am in awe when I reflect on the people who have shared today’s journey with me. Why do I share this?

Because the beauty of life and those around me bring me to an even greater appreciation for the gifts and passions that unfold each and every day.

I see in the human body and its integration only one multilayered aspect of a person’s being. I see the delicate layers of a friends’ passion and drive and realize my work complements their strengths. No one part is greater. No one area is lesser. Each has its part in that person as a whole being.

You have a unique, made just-for-you set of talents. Listen close, choose your own life’s path and quality relationships that you want to foster and cultivate! You truly have access to a vast inner power; you can move past anything that is not congruent with your beliefs and passion. You are unique and you are the best you there is!

Vivo bene!
(Live well)

photo credit: <a href=””>VickieHallmark</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

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