The Power of Connection

Being Present
Best Present is Being Present

Ah, the Power of Connection 

Oft times, even the mention of “connection” sounds “fluffy” and easy to dismiss. Yes, we all need connection, it’s just out of sight, off the radar most of the time.As we launch into the holiday season, it will be to our benefit to get our feet firmly planted, breathe calmly, and focus clearly. If we do not prepare ourselves beforehand, we just may get swept away with the stress, the frenzy and the hype.

Before leaving home, plan out your game plan. Keep reminding yourself what all this activity really means to you and your loved ones.

Consider: maybe the best present is to be present, to be in the moment, enjoying the time, laughter, and joy of relationship.

Maybe the best present is to be present

If that sounds too “It’s a Wonderful Life”, then bring it down a notch, into something more plausible, more relevant to your life.

Maybe it’s just limiting the gifts, and expanding the time and interactions. Maybe it’s having a quiet evening of soup and conversation, then going out together to view Christmas lighting in the area. Maybe it’s softening the lighting, listening to holiday music or watching your favorite holiday flick.

In the bigger picture, it’s the memories, the laughter, the connectedness that is remembered.

“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.”  ~ Abraham Maslow

May the weeks ahead bring you joy, laughter, centeredness, connectedness. May you enjoy the present of presence!

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  1. I love that Maslow quote. It pretty much covers every single thing. There are so many tools to use, and all of them rely on and influence our ability to just be here now, whether it sucks or it’s awesome, just to be here is the best.

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