Moving Into Summer Livin’

Hello and welcome to summer!

It’s that time of year when kids are out of school and getting into their summer groove. In addition to planning their free time and activities, planning your summer activities, and keeping up with the usual demands, it may be a good time to build some time into your schedule for you!

Pencil in your planner:
Schedule an hour of personal renewal “me” time!

I’ve been on a journey toward certification as a Quantum Touch practitioner. Quantum-Touch is a method of energy healing (natural healing) that uses life-force energy to facilitate healing. I’ve been involved with healing touch and “laying on of hands”, so this work is a natural progression in coming along others.

I cannot “heal” you, I can only serve as a conduit and work with your energy to help you as you move toward homeostasis/ balance. That may sound out of the ordinary, but it is very natural, non-invasive, relaxing, and healing!

I’m excited to be able to offer this, along with massage, reflexology, and healing touch. I would love to answer any questions you may have!

Contact me to reserve a time to give you a respite from the daily routine – a little “me” time to re-energize and renew your body, mind, and spirit.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Vivo bene!

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